Cider Lovers Welcome Here

Cider Lovers Welcome Here

Purchase hard cider and lemonade at our beverage store in Rome, NY Today

In the mood for something a little sweeter? Purchase crisp hard cider and lemonade at Anticosti Beer & Beverage in Rome, NY.

If you have a sweet tooth and prefer to kick back with a hard lemonade, our beverage store has a specialty drink for you. Take a stroll down our specialty drink aisles to find:

  • Hard ciders
  • Hard lemonades
  • Hard seltzers
  • Hard teas
  • Hard spritzers

Our specialty beverages taste amazing and won’t weigh you down with carbs. Stop by Anticosti Beer & Beverage to stock up on your favorite hard lemonade and cider brands today.

3 benefits of cider

Anticosti Beer & Beverage sells hard lemonade and cider in Rome, NY. Who knew cider could be beneficial to your health? You’ll want to pick up a case of hard cider today because it:

  1. Contains lots of antioxidants
  2. Is a source of vitamin C
  3. Is gluten-free

The carbonation in cider can ease stomach aches, as well.

Visit our beverage store today to purchase a case of hard cider, lemonade or tea.